Drupal Services

Drupal is a free, open-source web development platform for online content and user communities. Drupal powers some of the busiest sites on the web, and can be adapted to virtually any visual design.

  • 1. Site content and settings are saved for you in a database, which can be backed up, for greater security.
  • 2. Drupal allows website owners to add and modify the content easily, without having to understand HTML or other technologies.
  • 3. A Drupal website keeps track of ongoing activity, such as specific users logging in and out. Even the changes to page text can be logged, using revisioning.
  • 4. Drupal is optimal for building search-engine friendly websites, including standards-compliant HTML/CSS, dynamic page titles, meta tags, customizable and readable URLs, RDF support, and Google Analytics integration.
  • 5. It is based upon the most commonly used and trusted Web technologies available, including PHP and MySQL.
  • 6. Drupal is actively maintained, tested, and improved — including updates for any security problems discovered.
  • 7. Drupal is built using high-quality, modular code that has been well tested, during its successful 10-year history. It offers high performance, with built-in caching and scalability to multiple servers.